News: Under the sea party | party box designs

Under the sea party | party box designs

Under the sea party | party box designs

Check out this awesome Under the Sea themed party, hosted by Jessica of Party Box Designs:

Theme: Under the Sea
Colors/Patterns: Blue, Orange, Green, White, Polka Dots and Stripes
Center Pieces: Tall Cylinder Vases with Goldfish, Sand and Seaweed
Party Favors: Take Home Goldfish in Glass Bowls with Signature Tags so children may name their fish
Signature Cocktail: Under the Sea Sangria
Florals: Blue hydrangeas

Party Favor Details: Classic Drum Style Fish Bowls for each child, filled with sand and water; Displayed on a table and lined up for each child to pick their own bowl and fish. The bowls will be adorned with cute tags, enabling each child to write on the tag, naming their own fish. I also suggest buying a large bag of fish food, and creating little baggies filled with fishy food to go along with the favors. You may even want to place cute stickers on the bags of fish food.

Menu Suggestions: A sweet & salty snack bar would be perfect! Sea Salt and Vinegar chips, goldfish crackers, Swedish fish, pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and gummy worms. It would also be so fun to have all these items displayed in fish bowls.

For finger foods I would suggest shrimp and crab balls, something to pull in aspects of the sea, maybe Alaskan king crab legs as well.

A salad bar would be perfect! Lots of fresh vegetables in orange, green and yellow. You could also offer sliced grilled chicken and steak. Fish tacos might be fun. Simple

food that can easily be made throughout the party.

HHM addition: Octodogs!

Dessert: Cupcakes for sure, blue and orange icing. Fruit Kabobs are always a hit as well! Pick fruit in colors that will match the décor, honeydew and cantaloupe for example! Jell-O Aquariums are also so fun, and so perfect!

Jell-O Aquarium

Kids Activities: I suggest purchasing a bubble machine, kids love the bubbles and it pulls in the feel of the bubbles from under the sea!

*Fish Bowls

*Invitation and Decor: Party Box Design

Really such a fun theme, with bright- vibrant colors! What child wouldn't just love to take home their own "pet", plus they have the option of naming the fish. Overall, a perfect Summer outdoors party.

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