News: Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration

One of my favorite sites to go to for inspiration is The Party Dress, featuring the Well-Heeled Hostess. She is so talented and creative I always look forward to perusing her latest project postings. In one of her recent party features, she shared this fabulous Chinese New Year celebration for one lucky 1 year-old. What makes this party extra special? The special birthday boy is son to one of my other favorite design goddesses, Melissa from Project Nursery

In honor of the "Year of the Rabbit," the WH Hostess stayed true to the Chinese New Year theme with red rabbits throughout, a custom bamboo pattern, and an all around clean modern look.
This is exactly why I love her work, it is pure perfection!

Chinese New Year Celebration

images and designs on The Party Dress, by the Well-Heeled Hostess

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