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News: Burger Cupcakes

These Cupcake burgers are so much fun. You can make them yourself and serve them at the party, or make them a part of the fun. The last 5 pictures are pics of the burger cupcake craft at my daughter 4th of July summer school party. These 4, 5, and 6 year olds did an amazing job. The sloppier the burgers the better! With colored frosting for the ketchup and mustard, chopped up gummy bears for the relish and tomatoes, and coconut for the onions, and died coconut for the lettuce--the burgers wer...

News: Sugar Mohawk of Etsy | party treats

OMG! This Etsy Shop (SugarMohawk) must have been on a total sugar high when coming up with these recipes. How yummy do all of these cool concoctions look? Check out all the crazy combos that I bet you have never seen before. These could definitely be the hit at your next kiddie event! Nerds, Cotton Candy, Red Velvet, chocolate-what’s not to love! Sugar Jaw Melt Swirls which are cotton candy balls dipped in chocolate. Candied apples with a sprinkle twist. Sweet donut holes stuffed with blackbe...

News: 10 tips for planning a Bridal Shower

Tis’ the season…for weddings! At the beginning of October, three of my college pals got married on the same day. This meant a ton of planning, parties, and presents for these three lucky ladies. This also meant that there were many a brides maid needing to make sure their bride was feeling special on such a wonderful occasion. One of the most exciting aspects of being the Maid of Honor is helping to plan the Bridal Shower, but it can also be a lot of work if you aren’t prepared. Here are 10 t...

News: Welcome to Party Time!

With New Years Eve parties on all of our minds, I though it only fitting to launch an all-things-party world. After all, who doesn't like a good party? This will be a place to share party ideas--from baby showers and first birthday party ideas, to frat parties, bachelor parties, weddings.

News: Chinese New Year Celebration

One of my favorite sites to go to for inspiration is The Party Dress, featuring the Well-Heeled Hostess. She is so talented and creative I always look forward to perusing her latest project postings. In one of her recent party features, she shared this fabulous Chinese New Year celebration for one lucky 1 year-old. What makes this party extra special? The special birthday boy is son to one of my other favorite design goddesses, Melissa from Project Nursery.

News: Candyland themed party

I had so much fun planning my daughter's first birthday with a Candyland theme. Check out all of the beautiful decorations, party favors, cupcakes, and yummy treats. Have a look at all of the companies and people who contributed and helped make it so wonderful. who contributed to the birthday girls special day. Ellie Bellie contributed the adorable crown the birthday girl wore for the cake and “birthday” song, she truly was a princess. Sugar Mohawk contributed delicious treats for the party f...

News: Baby shower barbecue ideas and inspiration board

It had been a while since I had thrown a baby shower, but this past summer I had the opportunity to throw a Baby Shower Barbecue. In search of ideas, I did a search on a variety of my favorite blogs. Nowadays, when it comes time to search for new ideas or awesome recipes, I throw in “blog” or “mom blog” at the end of the search term. I have found that I get more specific results, with great pictures and detailed instructions. As a “mommy” blogger myself, I know that the majority of bloggers w...

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