Forum Thread: How to Survive Festival Season on a Budget?

Money is often spent habitually, without even realizing which way the earnings are leaking. Read the below tips on how to survive a festival on budget, which will easily help anyone enjoy the summer while saving money as well.

Summer is a time of fun, where people usually spend a lot of money because it's holiday time and everyone wishes to enjoy themselves, without counting every dime spent.

Step 1: Change to Public Transport or a Bicycle

Even though you already are a car owner, it would be a smart solution from spring to autumn to move around by public transport or by bicycle. This way, not only money spent on fuel is saved, but also a huge amount of time and stress that one would lose standing in traffic jams.

Physical activity is also a free dose of endorphins, happiness hormones, which incredibly improve the mood – especially when the ride way is through parks, chirping with birds singing. The car can be used only in a few cases – most often when you are planning to go outside the city or to move something heavy.

Step 2: Drink Tap Water or Prepare the Beverages at Home

If tap water is suitable for drinking in your town, then drink the tap. Money will be saved this way and a place at the landfill where tons of plastic bottles are lying behind.

This is a social initiative that arose from the question of why bottled water is still being bought in a country where almost everyone has direct access to high-quality water at home. It is not ecological, uneconomical and impractical. Most often, buying bottled water in a store is a matter of habit rather than an informed choice.

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