Forum Thread: 9 Useful Tips for Buying the Best Earrings

Earrings provide the finishing touch that turns a simple ensemble into an extraordinary up-shot. Earrings come in every shape, size, color, and design imaginable. From long dangling ornaments to diamond studs, the correct pair adds a chic, style, and the ultimate look. Picking up the wrong hoop can end up being a painful experience for both your ears and your fashion quotient. Here are a few guidelines to help you to know the difference between what to choose and what not to choose.

Pick up a Good Design

Earrings come in a vast variety of shapes and designs. Even though the style of your jewelry depends mostly on occasion, you should not be afraid to welcome the new trendy designs. Try out different models until you find the best one that goes with your look. Your earrings can customize your self-desired effect. To look professional, classy, funky, silly, delightful or cute depends on the attire and accessory you choose.

Gem or No Gem

The choice of wearing an earring with a gemstone depends mainly on the on the juncture and personal preference. Small stones supplement with an exciting glitter to the everyday styling, whereas large ones are to be stored for particular purposes. Solid colored gem highlights monochromatic dresses to a considerable extent.

Metals to think about

Earnings are made of a variety of precious and non-precious metals consisting of Gold, Silver, nickel-based alloys. When choosing metallic earrings one to keep in mind about the allergic reactions that are a common side effect of wearing metallic jewelry.

Matching Earrings

Color synchronized jewelry worn with any attire complements your eyes, complexion as well as the overall look. Experiment with different colors to until you find the ones which enhance your looks and skin.

Bigger or Better

Sometimes wearing extra-large ear hooks can draw undue attention and distract people from your overall appearance. However, you can go for bigger earrings if you are wearing a simple, subtle dress.

Hoops and Dangles

Along with size and weight, you should also consider the length of the earrings. Longer earrings add a touch of sophistication and at the same time can hinder your side head movements. Choose your dangles wisely.

Clip-on Earrings

Ladies have to worry no longer if they want to go for a multiple ear-pierced looks. You can buy clip-on earrings if you are going to accessorize your helix and tragus with clip-on studs.

Check the weight

Heavy earrings pose high levels of discomfort and appearance. At the same time can droop down potentially, harming and tearing off your lobule.

Amount of money you spend

Earrings range starts from a few bucks and can extend to thousands of rupees. People prefer spending more lavishly on the pairs meant for special occasions. Despite the amount, one should be content with the choice of ear accessories one has made.


Earrings are a must for every occasion and every moment. With the tips as mentioned above, you can wisely choose the correct pairs of earrings as per your requirement.

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